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Thousands of mature singles in their 40s, 50, 60s, 70s, and older now use internet dating as a way of finding new partners, romance, flirtation, or just friendship and fun. There are thousands of mature adults just like you who are looking for some online dating in your local area.

Add your free profile to our silver surfers collection and you could be arranging a new date with a flirtatious friend or sexy single sooner than you think!

Over 50s

The ever expanding internet is reaching in to every aspect of our lives, and for many us in our 50s and older it has long since been a part of our love life. Ever since the early days of the world wide web people have discovered that it provides an excellent medium in which to find and interact with other people who share the same objectives.

If you are in your fifties or older and living in Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or any of the towns and cities in between and throughout Australia, then this dating site will put you in touch with mature women and older men who are all single and looking for new partners.

Find Love Online

Online dating is a lot easier if you start with a site designed for people with you have something in common which is why we've created sites for mature singles in the UK, USA, and South Africa as well as this one for Australians.

Furthmore, we also offer sites for single men and women of all ages and with several other special interests like horse riding, sailing, or Christianity. Check out the links at the bottom of the page for examples.

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Perhaps you're new to online dating or maybe you've tried it many times before. Either way we invite you to sign up and see what our site has to offer. We believe you'll be pleasantly surprised by its easy to use interface, innovative features and first class support. We've foregone the temptation to overload the site with unecessary gimmicky and instead designed it so that it concentrates on the reason you're here.

Love Generations is a easy to use online dating site for the over fifties that provides a service that works.
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Mature Ladies

For us, running an online dating site for single Australians over the age of fifty is a labour of love. We enjoy providing mature ladies and older guys with a medium in which to meet, get to know each other and eventually start dating. It's proof that love, romance, and passion are abundant and ageless. It shows that it's never too late to enjoy a full and healthy love life, so if you're hesitating before registering then just remember that thousands more have walked the path before you and found happiness along the way.

There are a growing number of dating sites these days for the older woman and man. This gives you more choice but sometimes all these options can be confusing and perhaps you haven't got the time to register with more than one or two. We're confident that most of those who register with our site will be glad they did so. In fact, our statistics speak for themselves and the feedback we receive from satisfied customers tells us that we must be doing something right.

People have told us what they want from a dating site, and what they don't want. We've listened and we've made changes as the site has grown. The overall result is that we've created an dating site for the over 50s that works and which brings people back for more even if they find someone and later down the line things don't work out.

50, Single, Australian

Reaching the age of 50 used to be something that few looked forward to and many used to dread the prospect, but these days, thanks to increased levels of nutrition, fitness and health care we are able to enjoy several decades of active life even after we've passed the half century mark. For many of us turning 50 is the dawn of a new lease of life, and a small or complete change in lifestyle.

Mature women and older guys whose children have left home and who may have since divorced can now look forward to a brighter future and a renewed love life. They can meet people who can empathise with what they have learnt and how to feels to be in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older. This is not the downward slope but the highway to a life filled with opportunities for single older women and mature men.

Being attracted to another person, getting to know them, flirting, and making love - these are some of the richest experiences of life. We can embrace them wholehearedly and use the medium of online dating sites to find those who are on the same search. We owe it to ourselves to make the most of our lives and not to allow time to pass in wasted days and missed opportunities. Although we are living longer life is still quite short so we need to share them with people who enrich our time. 

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