The Next Step After Chatting Online

So, you’ve done the easy part. You’ve made an online profile and initiated contact or had someone contact you. Everything has been pretty easy so far, but now you’re wondering where you go from here. Should you make a date to meet somewhere? Invite them over for dinner? What exactly should you do after you’ve been chatting online for a while?

The first step after chatting is to talk to the person on the phone. You’ve already established that have some common ground, now you want to talk to them and get more of a feel for their personality. Only so much of a person’s personality can come out in chat and email forms. Once you get them on the phone, you’ll get a better feel for who they are and whether you want to go out with them or not. Calling them and talking to them on the phone also gives you clues to the type of person they are. If they’re reluctant to give out their phone number, you have to ask yourself, why? If they only ask you to call between certain hours, you have to wonder, why? If they talk on the phone in hushed tones, again, you need to be wondering what are they are hiding

After you’ve had a few successful conversations, it’s time to take it to the next level and go on a date. Now, don’t let the words “date” bother you. It’s just the natural progression of things. Make it easy on yourself. Choose something you would want to do with any good friend. Plan to meet in public for a potentially short date, that could go longer if the both of you choose to. But, if it doesn’t go as planned, you have an exit strategy and can go on your way.

The best piece of advice, when progressing in an online relationship, is not to waste too much time in the chatting stage. While the fun part is definitely getting to know one someone, you can’t truly get to know them online. They can pretend to be so many things they’re not. Instead, move on to the phone and then to a meeting, in relatively short order, to avoid wasting your time and theirs.

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